• 03:55 Popular Sing'A'teh - Words Unspoken

    Sing'A'teh - Words Unspoken

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    Freaky Joe a.k.a Sing'A'teh is a Gambian Artist Based in U.S.A. He links with must American Famous Artists like Akon, Wyclef Jean to name few. Born as Alhagie Singateh in 1982 in a small riverine community in the hinterlands of The Gambia( W. Africa), Sin

  • 00:20 Popular Sabar  The Gambian Cultural Week

    Sabar The Gambian Cultural Week

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    Sabar at Sergelstorg in Stockholm 2012-06-26. The Gambian Cultural Week. 34 parts.

  • 02:58 Da Gambian Dream- NJUNKU

    Da Gambian Dream- NJUNKU

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    World Premiere ST Da Gambian Dream "Njunku" West African Hip Hop Star New Album 2012 ©2012freedpictures

  • 02:48 Aladyn Ft Lena

    Aladyn Ft Lena

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    Aladyn Ft Lena

  • 04:45 Ndeye Niang Ndiaye: Yaya Jhame

    Ndeye Niang Ndiaye: Yaya Jhame

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    yaya jhame

  • 04:22 Popular Rugie: Seuss Naa

    Rugie: Seuss Naa

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    Rugie a Gambian Musician

  • 05:03 Glad Tidding: Balco

    Glad Tidding: Balco

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  • 03:53 Vypa - Skinny Boy Fly

    Vypa - Skinny Boy Fly

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    a fussion of local treats and crunk

  • 04:14 Blingy Baby - IN THE CLUB

    Blingy Baby - IN THE CLUB

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    Blingy Baby is a Gambian Born International Artist Based in UK . His style is Alternate HipHop, traditional Sene-gambian and West African Flavours... Fan Page Blingy Baby Fans...Facebook Blingy Baby Davies....Twitter @blingybaby. The video was shot at Ede

  • 03:36 MLC Ft. Cess, Bro K... - Chakaraka bones yi

    MLC Ft. Cess, Bro K... - Chakaraka bones yi

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    Chakaraka bonesi remix By MLC featuring Cess, Bro K, Badibunka, Brain Cracker, Tam 50 & Papa Lengthy (ShyBoy Production)

  • 07:20 Jeri-Jeri Live In Milano

    Jeri-Jeri Live In Milano

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    Mark Ernestus presents JERI-JERI live in Milano, May 31 2012, with Mbene Diatta Seck (vocal), Bakane Seck (sabar), Bada Seck (sabar), Pagaye Mbaye (sabar), Modou Mbaye (tama), Laye Lo (drums), Assane Ndoye Cisse (guitar), Abou Dieng Ba (bass), Ibou Mbaye

  • 04:09 Adu G Ft Jabell: Sama Yaye

    Adu G Ft Jabell: Sama Yaye

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    As a child, it is a duty to honor, worship and respect your mother.... show her what she worth, because she is one in a million...This is a FULL HD video in which the artists express how they feel about their mother

  • 04:08 Melody M & Arona: Gingama Dance

    Melody M & Arona: Gingama Dance

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    GAMBIAN artist melody M

  • 03:00 Popular Sabar en gambie

    Sabar en gambie

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    Sabar en gambie

  • 10:09 Popular Mbathio Ndiaye en Gambie

    Mbathio Ndiaye en Gambie

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    Mbathio Ndiaye en Gambie

  • 04:22 Maudo Sey: Ndawsi

    Maudo Sey: Ndawsi

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    Maudo i Gambia

  • 04:05 Nancy Nanz: Abubacar

    Nancy Nanz: Abubacar

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    Ayo iiii my Neneh bul JOY

  • 03:20 Mighty Joe -Woman Of My World

    Mighty Joe -Woman Of My World

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    Mighty Joe , from the gambian , new talent , great music , nice and simple video ,,, Enjoy it !!!

  • 05:03 Pa Mamadi: Balko

    Pa Mamadi: Balko

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  • 04:55 Pa Omar JAck - Mbeuguel

    Pa Omar JAck - Mbeuguel

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